INTERVIEWS – Get To Know Marcus Osborne, Co-founder Of Fusionbrand

Many Asian businesses find themselves spending more and more on marketing but getting less and less in return. Historically, when this happened, they’d just spend more money on yet another creative campaign. But this is increasingly ineffective and besides, as Asia is increasingly on the radar of international conglomerates with much deeper pockets, they don’t have the resources to compete in this way.

So after we’re called in, I’ll help map out how we need to structure the project and what needs to be included in it. I’ll have hands-on involvement in brand audits and the analysis of the findings, the recommendations to address them and contribute to the brand strategy and implementation of the brand strategy both internally and externally.

And we’re big proponents of digital. Far too many companies and for that matter government departments and agencies approach digital in a very tactical manner. This is counter-intuitive and as much a waste of resources as most creative campaigns. So I’m particularly focussed on incorporating the right use of digital into brand strategies.

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