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Established in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2003, Fusionbrand is Asia’s leading customer focussed brand consultancy. In the social economy, where consumers not companies define brands, Fusionbrand understands better than most that companies can no longer waste time, effort and money on unfocused, expensive customer acquisition strategies built around corporate driven messages advertised repeatedly across all media in the hope that they will stick.

Instead, Fusionbrand helps companies and governments like yours understand themselves, their capabilities, their customers and their environment better before working with you to develop a collaborative organisation that has the ability to consistently identify, nurture and grow profitable relationships with customers.

Whether business-to-business, business-to-consumer or government-to-citizen, we help you focus on what your customers want based around the belief that to be successful, a brand must deliver economic, experiential and emotional (and increasingly social) value at all times, at all touchpoints and on customer terms.

The world is changing, well established, aggressive foreign brands with deep pockets and saturated domestic markets are looking to Malaysia, Indonesia and other South East Asian markets for their future growth.

Our passionate, innovative, multicultural workforce offers a fully integrated team of multi-disciplined experts knowledgeable about internal and external branding, traditional and digital communications, merchandising, sales, marketing, dealer and channel development, measurement, customer engagement and loyalty and data collection, management and use of that data.

Our track record includes substantially raising the profiles of leading public and private sector organisations. But enough about us, this is about you. How can we help build your brand? Contact us today and let’s have an informal discussion about future proofing your brand.

Marcus Osborne

Marcus has been building brands in multiple sectors in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia for nearly 30 years. He has a unique ability to understand what brands must do to get on and stay on, the consumers radar and then leverage that goodwill to increase the customer base. He co-founded Fusionbrand in 2003 to work with organisations from the government and private sectors in Malaysia and other South East Asian nations. Fusionbrand has become one of Asia’s most respected brand consultants by helping companies build robust brands that are able to compete more effectively with aggressive multi national corporations with deep pockets by engaging and building relationships with consumers who determine the success of those brands. He has worked on multiple brand research, brand strategy development and brand implementation projects across the government and private sectors. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of branding in the social economy and has presented numerous workshops on branding.

Who you are and what you stand for must be known and understood throughout the organization. Once those foundations are ready, we can start building your brand.
Rafidah Tan Sri Adenan

Rafidah is one of a new breed of female entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Driven, articulate, Intelligent, knowledgeable and passionate about putting Malaysia on the world map for all the right reasons. She has already taken a company from the brink of bankruptcy to the top 5 in its sector in less than 10 years and aims to make Fusionbrand the regions top brand consultancy by 2020.

She is skilled in market and trend analysis, customer experience development and management. She has extensive experience in a range of strategy, business development and branding disciplines, especially in the insurance, property and tourism industries.

Indeed tourism and destination branding are her passion and hopes that one day her home state of Sarawak will understand what is branding and realise the true potential of the people and the State.

Rafidah has a masters’ degree in marketing from the University of Surrey in the U.K.

Every communications strategy must have a narrative but the company isn’t the only author of that narrative. Every customer can contribute to the narrative and must be encouraged to want to do so.
Fusionbrand Team
Dr Amran Amzah

Dr Amran has been a Director of Fusionbrand since 2005. He is one of Asia’s foremost authorities on the role of tourism in destination branding. In Malaysia, he has conducted numerous studies and research projects for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC), Tourism Malaysia, regional economic corridors and State governments. Most recently, he was the lead consultant for the recently completed National Ecotourism Plan 2016 – 2025.

His international work includes consulting roles with tourism and other departments such as the ASEAN Secretariat, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Ministry of Environment Japan and much more.

Dr. Amran is a regular keynote speaker at conferences related to tourism planning both internationally and locally, and he is also a member of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Tourism Centre (under MOTAC).

Aisha Isabella Malek
Executive Director

As a non executive director of the company, Aisha provides strategic input on special projects that require the benefit of her sustainability and environmental knowledge and experience. This includes Investment Promotion Agencies, National and State Governments, Oil and Gas, aviation and agriculture to name a few. Aisha holds an Environmental Economics degree from the University of York and graduated from Imperial College with an MSc in Environmental Technology.

Shariza Shaharudin
Account Manager
Noraslin Annuar
Senior Brand Consultant
Ainul Haron
Senior Brand Consultant
Errisa Nani
Brand Consultant
Video Creator
Fusionbrand Team
Maria Azlan
Brand Research
Fusionbrand Team
Veronica Ng
Head Of Creative Service
Dini Mohamad
Art Director
Fusionbrand Team
Eddy Zainal
Senior Graphic Designer
Haidar Sukur
Web Developer / Graphic Designer
Aisyah Aminuddin
Finance Manager
Noorhasliza Mohd Nasir
Administration Manager
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