OCIM Brand

Creating a digital presence for one of South Korea’s biggest conglomerates
The Challenge
OCI is a Korean producer of a wide range of chemicals, petrochemicals and carbon materials and increasingly green energy solutions. In 2017, they acquired a major manufacturer in Sarawak, Malaysia and asked Fusionbrand to develop an intuitive website that leveraged the companies extensive history, expertise and concern for the environment.
The Solution

Fusionbrand developed a very clean, structured and modern website to reflect the dynamic nature of the industry while expanding the content for enhanced browsing and search capabilities. Because finding suitable talent has been challenging, particular attention was paid to the careers section in terms of copy & SEO capabilities to attract suitable talent to the company.

A complicated manufacturing process and the relevant stages that involve OCIM was communicated using a simple yet effective infographic designed by Fusionbrand.

The Result

In addition to creating a world class website for a world class brand, visits increased over 600% following the launch of the new site. OCIM also saw more CVs submitted through the careers section.

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