IOI Properties Brand

Project Overview

The Malaysian property sector, for so long a developer’s market, is changing fast. Gone are the days when queues would form outside all new property launches and all the sales force did was take orders. IOI Properties is a full-range developer of luxury residential, retail and commercial properties. The IOI Properties portfolio consists of units valued from RM250,000 to RM10 million. The sales force at IOI Properties was the first touch point for many first time and repeat buyers yet the sales force had exhibited less than optimal sales skills at an international property show.

The firm understood that the sales force needed the unique skills required to sell luxury properties in the customer economy. IOI Properties understood that it must invest in the right sales training to improve the skills of its sales force, build rapport with increasingly knowledgeable customers to increase sales conversion rates and shorten sales cycles.

However, sales training is expensive and often outdated. It also takes the sales force out of the field, when they could be building relationships and selling properties. Furthermore, traditional sales training modules are recycled time and time again, for any industry.

With this in mind, Fusionbrand was asked to develop sales training which reflected the current environment, taking into account the changing nature of consumer knowledge acquisition and was measurable and effective.

Fusionbrand developed a bespoke, objective and systematic examination of the IOI Properties sales process. This audit involved a thorough analysis of the current sales environment, tools, activities and processes.

The audit assessed such issues as data collection and handling, lead qualification, lead-handling and lead management, team-selling skills, cross and up-selling capabilities, sales cycle length, prospect, customer and inter-department relationships, staff property knowledge, post-sale procedures, ongoing communications and influencer development.

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