East Coast Economic Region Brand

Project Overview

Branding framework & brand strategy for the East Coast Economic Region (ECER)At the request of the Government of Malaysia, the national oil company Petronas was tasked with developing a 15-year blueprint for the development of the east coast region known as the Eastern Corridor.

The programme encompasses five areas – tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, education and oil & gas. Tourism was identified as the main engine of this development, since the region has substantial beach, recreational and ecotourist attractions. Additionally, the Eastern Corridor already attracts a substantial number of tourists, although not in the numbers desired.

The programme not only included substantial infrastructure development (eg, roads, airports), but also strategic planning and other assistance for private development such as resorts.

Fusionbrand was commissioned to develop a comprehensive destination brand strategy to attract tourism, business & investment & ensure increased investment, opportunity and employment for regional businesses and residents, and ensure higher utilization of initiatives.

After extensive brand research, both qualitative and quantitative and internal and external brand audits, Fusionbrand developed the core principles, destination branding strategy and goals for the ECER.

Brand strategies with initial recommendations were developed for multiple high-impact projects, and initiatives, as well as five associated “clusters” (coastal, islands, eco-tourism/agro-tourism, culture/heritage and cross-border).

Recommendations, messages, narrative, budgets and channels remain confidential.

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