Amanahraya Brand

The Challenge

Amanahraya has been offering legacy management assistance to Malaysians for over 90 years but had drifted over the past 20 years and was overtaken by more dynamic competitors. The limited print collaterals and online presence consisted of old fashioned brochures and a very outdated website that was not mobile compatible (responsive), featured obsolete content and zero SEO integration.

Fusionbrand was commissioned to create new collaterals to reflect a more dynamic organization as well as a visually appealing digital presence to showcase their many products and the benefits of using Amanahraya to all Malaysians.

The Solution

The Fusionbrand team had to review a lot of content and reshape it into user friendly material that would appeal to diverse target markets. Once we reviewed the material and took out what was still relevant, we integrated it with new material written by Fusionbrand to appeal more to the audiences Amanahraya wanted to engage whilst showcasing the benefits and not the features of their products.

A fragmented, difficult to navigate website became more accessible and user friendly, with a UI that helped the visitor navigate the site and find relevant information quickly and effortlessly.

Multiple products and their features and benefits were presented in a more visual manner with prominent calls to action situated throughout and every page was established for greater SEO conversion. The site was optimised for mobile use and the foundations were put into place for social sharing.

The Results

In addition to a website staff were proud to be associated with and that represented the new, more modern approach of the organization, organic search results quadrupled, enquiries about products and services increased dramatically and mobile visits went through the roof.

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