Once your organization is ready and brand foundations are in place, you are ready to breakthrough the noise and challenge the competition. Your brand implementation roll out is based on the goals and timelines defined in the brand strategy.

The implementation is accelerated because everyone within the organization is now on the same page thanks to internal brand training that gives staff, especially customer facing teams the confidence to deliver on the brand promise.

Historically, if you’ve based your ‘strategy’ around a series of random promotions, sales, advertising and social media campaigns or other ad hoc tactics with no integration, data collection or understanding of the difference between acquisition and retention and have seen little or no impact on your brand, then you should talk to us about how to make the Fusionbrand triple D model work for you.

Driving the brand forward is both an internal and external exercise. Again, what your company requires is driven by your needs and situation as well as your target market requirements for value. Elements of the implementation include the following:

  • Brand activation
  • Company/product launch
  • Experiential branding
  • Branded content
  • Marketing (digital & traditional)
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising (on and offline)
  • Social media management

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