The branding environment has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. There was a time when you could create a brand and strategically position that brand in the mind of the consumer. That was all that was required to build a brand.

You needed very deep pockets to make it happen, it took time and it didn’t always work but it was the only option. And even though many brands are still trying to do this, that model belongs in an economy that no longer exists.

But you still need to define your brand so that your employees know what it is they represent, the company’s values by which they must live and ensure they understand customer requirements for economic, experiential and emotional value so that they behave the right way all the time and at every touch point.

Fusionbrand works with you to build a brand framework that your employees embrace and guides them to engage with your customers so that you become the brand of choice of those customers.

Defining the brand is based on the findings generated during the Discover stage:

  • Brand architecture
  • Brand playbook
  • Brand manual
  • Brand training
  • Brand name
  • Brand identity
  • Communications plan
  • Social media strategy
  • Brand narratives
  • Marketing plan (includes suitable tools)
  • Sales plan

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