Imagine that every time you go to a doctor, no matter what is wrong with you and how you describe the problem, he writes out a prescription for the same medicine every time. Unfortunately that’s how far too many ‘brand strategies’ begin. And more often than not, the medicine is an advertising campaign.

At Fusionbrand we insist on working with our clients to understand where their brand is today, what it’s doing right, and wrong and where it’s people, suppliers, prospects and customers think it is and how effectively the brand communicates with those prospects and customers to deliver the value they require.

More often than not there is a massive gap between what the people in the organization think is their role in the delivery of the brand, what the brand thinks it offers, what customers see and want from the brand and how and through which channels the brand engages with prospects and customers.

It’s this stage of the process that allows Fusionbrand to discover the data needed to determine what the brand needs to do to deliver on brand promises, narrow any gaps quickly and efficiently whilst preparing to take advantage of new customer environments.

Depending on the nature of the business and the needs of the client, during the discover stage activities may include:

  • Internal brand audit
  • External brand audit
  • Brand identity audit
  • Communications audit (digital & print)
  • Experiential audit
  • Sales processes & skills audit

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