Instagram: Your new go-to branding and experience platform?

From colourful street murals in Penang’s George Town and Singapore’s Haji Lane and hidden places that were recently restored, to aesthetically pleasing food items at cafes such as Merchant’s Lane in Kuala Lumpur and Coffee Cartel in Bali, it is common for social media users nowadays to carefully hunt down insta-worthy spaces when curating their holiday destinations.

Last month, UK-based travel company Hoppa ranked Kuala Lumpur and Singapore seventh and eighth respectively on the list of the most Instagrammed food places worldwide. And no doubt, consumers in both cities are often on the hunt for Instagram-worthy moments.

In a statement to A+M, Graham Hitchmough, regional chief operations officer at Bonsey Design said that social sharing networks such as Instagram have “unquestionably” impacted sectors such as tourism and dining today, by introducing a new image-driven focus to profile and reputation raising. However, he said marketers should not be putting “the cart before the horse” as Instagram is just one of the many channels available.

“Brand and destination owners should not be thinking first about the channel and developing the product to fit, but developing a viable, sustainable and desirable product first and then considering how it can be leveraged across the social ecosystem,” he said.

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